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The Girl Child

We at AS Patna Central School believe that empowering the girl child is critical for the development of any society. It includes providing them with equal access to education, health care, and other resources, as well as protecting their rights and supporting their aspirations. Being the best school in Patna AS Patna Central School strives to make gender bias neutral.


The woman of today is not just an extension of her male counterpart but an individual in her rights, ready to bloom and blossom into a fragrant flower. After education at the best school in Patna, AS Patna Central School where she learns to match her wits with her peers, she finds herself proficient in social graces enabling her to walk shoulder to shoulder with the very best in society.

At AS Patna Central School the best school in Patna, we equip the Girl Child with values and qualities that make her a Woman of Substance.

Our Motto at AS Patna Central School:- "To nurture our Girl child into a graceful lady."



At AS Patna Central School we strive for the betterment and development of the girl child . Right from LKG to +2 we take special care of the overall growth of the female wards.

We create an environment from the beginning that encourages them to learn. This includes providing mentors and role models, offering positive reinforcement for academic performance, and fostering a sense of belonging.Over and above academics, we impart value-added lessons in Home Science, Good Housekeeping, Etiquette & Manners, Beauty and Health, Personality Development, Outdoor Activities, Hobbies, and Skills refinement, Flower Making, Nail Art, Mehendi, Drawing, Oil painting, Music, Dance to give full-throttled expression to the innate qualities of the girl.

 Finally,  being the best school in Patna we believe that girls should be given opportunities to pursue their interests. This can include providing access to extracurricular activities and more. As girls gain confidence and skills, they will be better equipped to pursue their goals and contribute to their communities.